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2018 Wedding Trends


Welcome to 2018! I am excited and ready for the new year. Last year was full of learning, stumbling blocks, and a bit of finding myself. This year, I have big dreams, big plans, and I’m looking forward to seeing where my creativity takes me. To hear more about what’s coming up for me and this space, sign up to my newsletter. In other news, I am beyond excited that same sex weddings will finally be happening here in Australia! My heart is full with joy for the couples that can now legally wed, and I am so excited for the wedding industry.

To kick things off for the year, I put together a list of wedding trends that I love and are sure to be big over the next 12 months.

01. Navy Blue

True blue’s moodier friend, navy is classy and versatile. Flattering when used for dresses and suits, classy on invitations, and stunning in your table setting, navy is your new best friend. Looks great with white or cream, deep red, and blush pink.

Glamour & Grace

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty


02. Hanging floral installations

Flower walls are so 2017. Hanging floral installations from the ceiling is definitely not new, but we will be seeing a lot more of it in 2018. If you are as in love with this concept as I am, make sure that your venue allows you to hang things from the ceiling, because installing scaffolding to hang your florals from can get very costly. Also consider mixing in greenery and branches as well as flowers in your installation, as this will help keep costs down.

Rock My Wedding

Magnolia Rouge

Lusia Brimble

03. Creative invitations

While I will always love a great paper invitation, there are some seriously cool invitations around at the moment. If you’re after something more unique, consider having your invites printed on wood, acrylic, fabric, or metal. Interested in custom invitations? Take a look at my packages, or flick me an email.

Brit + Co

Southern Fried Paper

Jukebox Print

The Lane

04. Greenery over florals

Greenery is such a great wedding resource for a few reasons. It’s versatile, can be styled in a lot of different ways, and is often cheaper than flowers. Greenery makes a big impact, and is one trend that won’t be going anywhere soon. Ask your florist for recommendations to help you design a greenery-based arrangement to suit your style and budget.

Aisle Society

Every Last Detail

The Style Co.

Style Me Pretty

05. The DESTINATION elopement

Elopements and tiny weddings are all the rage. Think intimate, meaningful, and cosy. If the thought of saying your vows in front of a large crowd, spending the day socialising with 100 of your nearest and dearest, and dealing with potential family drama has you feeling ready to hide under the bed, consider having a small wedding or eloping. Save some cash, or spend the same amount on a fabulous small wedding or elopement somewhere glamorous like Paris, Santorini, Hawaii… the possibilities are endless! Combine your wedding and honeymoon, and only take a few people that really mean the most to you.

Style Me Pretty 

Danielle Moss

Style Me Pretty 

Style Me Pretty 

06. Geometric shapes

Not into rustic timber decor and mason jars? Consider adding some structured shapes into your wedding decor. Incorporate them into your table decorations, hanging decor and invitations to create a cohesive visual style.

The Wedding Playbook

100 Layer Cake

Glamour & Grace

Z Create Design via Etsy

07. 3D florals on dresses

Oh how I love florals! These dresses are romantic, whimsical, and fairytale-esque. Perfect for the ultimate romantic, appliqué flowers can add flair to an otherwise simple dress. Cover your entire dress for maximum impact, or focus on one area such as the bodice or shoulders.


My Wedding

Jurgita Bridal via Etsy

08. Translucent materials

Translucent materials add a sense of space and are a clever way to mix modern and vintage styles in your decor. Consider using translucent materials in your chairs, invitations, signage and decor. Materials of choice: perspex, glass, lucite and acrylic.

Green Wedding Shoes

Saffron Avenue

Style Me Pretty

Willow and Ink Design via Etsy 

09. Wedding wreaths

The wedding wreath is giving the bouquet a run for its money. A different take on the hand-held floral arrangement, wreaths are gorgeous but also easier to carry than the traditional bouquet. And who doesn’t love something that’s pretty and practical? Wreaths can also be used in wall or ceiling floral installations for a modern take on greenery and floral decor.

Brit + Co

Country House Wedding Venues

Brit + Co

Brit + Co 

What other trends do you see in the wedding world? Tell me below, or shoot me an email.


11 Styling ideas that don’t involve flowers


There are so many totally swoon-worthy ideas for styling with florals, but what about those of us who want to see something different? Sometimes you don’t want your wedding to look like every other wedding you’ve been to. If you don’t love flowers in your everyday life, there’s no reason to include them in your wedding. And while flowers are undeniably beautiful, they can also come with a hefty price tag. I’ve put together 11 styling ideas that don’t involve flowers, so that you can start to think outside the box about what else you could use to bring your styling concept to life.

01. Candles

Nothing creates ambience and an air of romance quite like the soft glow of candles. For visual impact, group cables together in clumps to maximise the warm glow. Use candles and candle holders of different sizes and heights to create visual interest. Place along the aisle, use as centrepieces, or for romantic vignettes.


The Lane

Elizabeth Anne Designs

02. Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a classic wedding styling favourite for a reason. They are affordable and provide maximum impact and atmosphere. String abundantly around indoor or outdoor spaces for a magical glow.

Style Me Pretty 

My Warehouse Home

Cathy Dudzinski

03. Lanterns

Cute and versatile, lanterns are great to use as ceremony or reception decorations. They are also pieces that can be reused after the wedding, in your house or garden (win win!). Cluster together to create an area of visual interest, and pick a lantern in a colour to match your theme.

Bridal Guide

Style Me Pretty

The Wedding of my Dreams

04. Paper cranes

Paper cranes are high impact when strung up in large numbers, and can be made in any colour or type of paper to match your theme. Bonus points if you enlist your friends and family to help you make them in the lead up to the wedding, as it will add a personal touch to your decor.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Style Me Pretty

Burnett’s Boards

05. Furniture

Venue doesn’t feel quite right for your theme? Consider bringing in a few key pieces of furniture to pull the space together. Pick items that will have maximum impact, like a standout lounge, or go all out and hire those bentwood chairs you’ve been lusting over.

Style Me Pretty

Wedding Plans

Inside Weddings

06. Food

Keep the focus on the delicious feast you have planned, and let your inner foodie go wild. This one is sure to be a favourite with guests, because who doesn’t love amazing food?! A gorgeously put together display of food will be memorable, and could cut down on costs, as your food is also doubling as your decoration – win win!

The Wine Gallery 

Southern California Bride

Hello May

07. Location

If you do the hard yards upfront and pick a great venue with stunning view, a pretty backdrop, or an already-decorated space, then most of the styling work is already done for you. Natural landscapes make great backdrops for photos, like mountains, beaches, forests and snow.

Style Me Pretty

Details Jeannie

Junebug Weddings

08. Chandeliers

Nothing says classic glamour and elegance quite like a chandelier. Have one standout chandelier serve as the core element of your styling concept, or use several smaller chandeliers to amp up the glamour.

Grace Loves Lace

Mod Wedding

Hey Wedding Lady

09. Branches

Perfect for the minimalist-lover, branches ooze understated elegance. Perfect for the rustic-romantic wedding, you can spray paint them different colours, or rely on their natural beauty. If you live somewhere rural, consider keeping your eyes peeled for interesting looking branches and twigs in the lead up to your wedding – you never know what might come in handy!

Deer Pearl Flowers

Oh Best Day Ever

Elizabeth Lane Designs

10. Books

Add a subtle touch of romance by stacking classic love stories and poems on your tables, or go for a theme and display your favourite books from a particular genre (think: magic, fairytales, fantasy, science fiction, or mythology). Get creative and make a standout centrepiece by adding flowers, succulents, lace, lanterns, ribbons, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Knots Villa


Yes Missy 

11. Fabric

You can do a lot with fabric. Pick something frothy and dreamy in soft colours to drape in key areas, or go bold with bright colours and standout patterns. Fabric can be a great way to cover up that wallpaper that really doesn’t go with your theme, or to let your personality shine in your decor.

Green Wedding Shoes

Style Me Pretty

Rock n Roll Bride


Wedding planning organisation: Paper vs Digital


Image credit: Mike & Tom storytelling wedding photographers

Planning a wedding involves keeping track of what feels like a million different ideas, quotes, options and details. The key to staying organised and maintaining your sanity is to pick one system and stick to it. Keep everything wedding-related in one place, so you always know where to look for things.

The key to picking a wedding organisation system is to know how you like to work. It might help to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Do you use a paper calendar or a digital calendar?
  • Do you like having printed copies of everything? Writing things down by hand?
  • Do you have a designated space where you will be working on wedding tasks?
  • Do you need something flexible and portable?
  • Do you want a system that you can access wherever you are?

The answers to these questions will help you figure out if you want a Paper or Digital organisation system. I’ve outlined the best wedding organisation and management systems to help you pick one that will work for you.


Binder / Folder

Russel + Hazel Blush Mini 3 Ring Binder

A classic. Good for keeping all of your documents in one place, like quotes, contracts and contact details. Add tabs to separate items and make it easy to find what you’re looking for as you flick through. The main downside of the binder/folder system is that they can be a bit bulky and hard to take with you. But if you enjoy having paper copies of everything, just get things emailed to you and print them out to add to your binder when you get home.

Bullet Journal

Image credit: Sara @mylittlejournalspace

The Bullet Journal is a bit like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter – it can be whatever you need it to be. Functional lists or decorated with illustrations, the humble bullet journal is here to fulfill your every wedding-planning desire. Pick an A5 sized notebook for portability, or go all out and spread your planning out over an A4 sized notebook. Make sure to add in your appointments and to-do’s as they come up, and actually cross things off your lists when they’re done. Pinterest and Instagram have a plethora of Bullet Journal examples if you need inspiration. Just search for #bulletjournal.


Kikki K Wedding Notes: Always & Forever hardcover planner 

Pretty and functional, a planner has the benefits of an app (pre-written checklists & spreadsheets) but in paper form. Perfect for those of us who enjoy stationery and writing things by hand. To make life even easier, get one with a pocket in the front to keep all of your paper documents, or use in conjunction with a binder. Contracts are things you do not want to lose! Another bonus is that if you get an A5 sized planner, it can probably fit into your handbag and you can easily take it to all of your wedding appointments.


Google Docs

Google Docs is simple to use and has some serious planning capabilities. Have all of your wedding info at your fingertips no matter where you are or what device you’re on. Your google docs sync with your calendar and email, making it easier than ever to keep track of all the moving pieces of your wedding. Create spreadsheets, documents and lists to your heart’s content. Keep it all organised in folders, and be rest assured that you will never lose anything because it is all backed up in the magical Google Cloud. Regardless of what wedding organisation system you’re using, it’s probably a good idea to keep a digital copy of all the really important documents (like contracts) in your Google Docs so that you always have a backup in case of emergency. Best of all, multiple people can be working on the same document simultaneously, and documents can be easily shared.

Phone App

An app will probably require additional support from either a binder or Google Docs, but is still worth mentioning. This one is for the couple that wants to get all of their wedding tasks done, without having to write a million lists and spend precious time wondering if it’s too early to order invitations. There are several apps that have pre-scheduled to-do lists for everything in your wedding, complete with timeframes and deadlines. Simply delete all the items that you don’t need, and your phone will send you a reminder when it’s time to do the next thing on the list. Wedding planning has never been so easy! Try Wedding Happy.


Collect ideas, images, links, and notes all in one place. Evernote has apps for your phone and computer, allowing you to access everything across all your devices. Create notes for each section of the wedding, and easily make and keep track of checklists. Keep PDF versions of important documents in your notes, and never lose a thing. One of the biggest advantages of this strategy is that it is very easily shared, so you and your partner can both work on the same documents, and stay up to date with all the wedding planning details.

How do you organise all of your wedding documents? Do you keep paper copies of everything, or are you committed to a digital system?


How to cope with overwhelm


Image credit: Anne-Clair Brun Photography

Overwhelmed and out of control does not a happy bride make.

We speak about planning a wedding in the same way that we speak about getting engaged – with excitement, love and enthusiasm. While those are certainly emotions you may feel while planning your wedding, we rarely speak about weddings as the high-stakes events that they are. And large, formal, high-stakes events require careful planning and event management.

You might think that wedding planning is all cake tastings and frothy dresses, until you find yourself in the midst of a paralysing amount of options to choose from and an overwhelming number of decisions to make. Not to mention the whole rest of your life that you need to keep living… your job, friends, family, hobbies, and spouse all still need your attention! Overwhelm creeps up on the best of us. Here’s what to do when you are feeling completely overwhelmed and have no idea where to start.  


01. Breathe

Take a minute to calm your breathing, do some stretches, make a cup of tea. Whatever you need to do to relax your body. Breathing is a good place to start.

02. Sleep 

Sleep changes my perspective of the world like magic. Most of my feelings of worry, stress and overwhelm happen when I’m tired. If at all possible, get a decent night’s sleep before you seriously think about tackling whatever is making you feel overwhelmed. Or at least take a nap.

03. Eat

I make very poor decisions when I’m hungry. Like when I’m sleep deprived, I cannot trust myself and the attitude I have when I’m hungry. Have a healthy snack (or an emergency Snickers, I won’t judge) before you progress. These two steps make the absolute world of difference to me in nearly any situation.

04. Tidy/clean something

Outer order contributes to inner calm. Don’t try to spring clean your entire house, but taking care of the dishes or folding some clean laundry could have a surprising impact on your mood. Completing a small task like that boosts your feeling of productiveness. Pick something that will visually make a big difference, as clear spaces help create a calm mind.  

05. Write a dump list

Write down every single thing that is swirling around in your brain. Let it all flow out, the idea is to get it out of your head and onto the paper. If it’s written down, it won’t be forgotten, so free up some mental space.

06. Remember your priorities 

Cross a few things off the dump list. It can be helpful to get someone to help you with this step – your mum, spouse, a friend. Someone who knows you well, knows your values and priorities, and someone who will be honest with you. They will help you cut the unnecessary tasks and get down to what you actually need to do. Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed, we add even more unnecessary things to our lists. It’s like our subconscious way of validating how we feel. “I have 50 things on my list so of course I feel overwhelmed!”. In actual fact, it might just be one or two particular tasks that are really making you feel overwhelmed.

07. Write down 3 things you can do today

Keep it manageable. Firmly restrict yourself to only 3. I repeat, only 3. The idea is to create a small, achievable list for today. Everything else can wait.  

08. Do those 3 things immediately

Take action immediately. A small amount of action will make you feel better than any amount of planning. Action helps you gain clarity, momentum, and prove to yourself that you are capable of getting things done.

09. Make a plan

Now that you’re feeling a little more in control, you’ve crossed a couple of minor things off your list, and you have a better idea of what your priorities are, make a plan. Build a structure that will support you getting it done. Create something that feels manageable and achievable for you, but remember that action is the focus here. Consistently taking small steps is better than feeling paralyzed and not doing anything at all. You could try one of the following ideas to start your plan, or try something totally different, as long as it feels right for you:

  1. I will do 1 thing from this list each day
  2. I will spend 1 hour each day working on my list
  3. I will set aside 2 whole days to get everything on this list done.

How do you cope with overwhelm? When do you find yourself feeling the most overwhelmed in life?


Planning / Styling

10 ways to save money without DIY


Photography: In Love by Bina Terré

You’ve reached that point where you’re starting to feel a little uncomfortable about the cost of this wedding you’re planning. The initial excitement of getting engaged has worn off slightly, and the reality of handing over a huge chunk of money for a super party is setting in. But guess what? With all the aforementioned wedding planning, you’re even busier than usual! Which means that of course you have plenty of time to learn how to painstakingly craft every detail of your wedding yourself. Invitations? Design and print them home! Centrepieces? You’re creative, you should make them yourself!

The unfortunate truth is that DIY is not always less expensive, and it costs you a lot in time, patience, and sanity. Save yourself the headache and check out these money saving tips that don’t involve DIY. 

01. Greenery instead of flowers

Leaves, moss and branches cost less than flowers, and can be used to enhance your styling concept. On the flowers note, if you are using them, try to choose flowers that are in season. Buying out-of-season flowers will cost you much more than what is in season and readily available. A good florist will work with you and suggest flowers, greenery and other floral elements to suit your styling concept, time of year, and budget.

02. Decorate without flowers

Flowers may not suit your location, styling concept, or they might not be that important to you. If this is the case, consider ditching them altogether. You can create beautifully-styled events without flowers. Think candles, fairy lights, lanterns… the possibilities are endless. Check out this post for more ideas. Try choosing something that reflects you and your partner’s interests. If you love reading, style stacks of pretty books and use them as centrepieces.

03. Consider a different time of day for meal

Feeding a large number of people a sit-down dinner is expensive, no matter how you look at it. Brunch, afternoon tea, or even lunch? Not so much. Ask your preferred venues and caterers about the cost of lunch, morning tea, afternoon tea, or a champagne brunch. You can always take the party elsewhere later on for those who want to kick on, like a nearby hotel or bar. Consider booking this ahead of time if you know that your friends will want to party it up until the wee hours. 

04. Negotiate

A contract or packaged deal can be the start of a conversation, not the be-all and end-all. This tip is not about ripping people off, or not paying people fairly for their services. This is about not paying for things that you don’t really need or want. Don’t need tea and coffee? Ask to have them removed from the overall cost. Don’t need an extra card in your invitation envelope? Ask to have it removed from the package deal for a lower price. The worst they can say is no, and you could end up saving yourself hundreds of dollars without having to lift a finger. While we’re on the topic of contracts, make sure you read them all very carefully before signing. Make sure you know exactly what is included and what is not, and exactly how much you are paying. Payment plans and deposits can sometimes hide the overall figure, so be sure to check that the overall cost is within your budget before signing on the dotted line.

05. Buy your dress from somewhere other than a bridal salon

The internet is a beautiful place, and there are thousands of beautiful dresses out there that are not called “bridal dresses”. Buying your dress from a chain store, second-hand or online supplier will save you many a precious penny. Another great place to look is at bridesmaid dresses – many of these come in white (if that’s your thing), are absolutely stunning, and will cost you much less than a “bridal gown”. Take it to a seamstress to personalise it and make it fit like a glove, then twirl around gleefully in it, feeling like the most savvy bride ever.

06. Trim your guest list

This one is controversial. Should you really cut those friends you haven’t seen in two years from the guest list so that you can afford the band you really want? Well, maybe, if the music really means a lot to you. Weddings are about sacrifice and compromise, and while it might be nice to invite everyone who has ever been special to you in your life, sometimes it’s just not feasible. If having all of those people there is super important to you, then by all means keep them, and make your sacrifices elsewhere! It’s about working out what your priorities are. If there are a few people on your preliminary list that you are inviting out of obligation (to yourself or others), consider cutting them. You might not need a huge guest list for your day to feel special – maybe you don’t like crowds or large parties, and only having 40 of your nearest and dearest is all you need for it to be meaningful.

07. Avoid peak wedding season

Consider having your wedding on a day other than Saturday, and not in peak season. Many venues have great winter deals, or discounts for other days of the week. Ask your venue and suppliers if they offer discounts for Fridays or Sundays (or other weekdays if you don’t mind a mid-week wedding). Many suppliers will charge less for mid-week work, so you could save on flowers, hair, makeup, and catering costs as well as venue.

08. Rent accessories  

Let’s be real, are you ever going to wear a veil again after your wedding day? I’m guessing not. Do you know how much new veils cost to buy? Google it, hyperventilate for a minute at the absurd cost of a pretty, pretty piece of tule, then come back to me. Consider renting your veil from one of those clever people on the internet, and maybe check out their belts, hair pieces and accessories while you’re at it.

09. Limit your bridal party

Having more people in your bridal party opens yourself up to larger costs. A bigger hens/bucks night, more thank you gifts, more flowers, increased hair and makeup costs. Limiting the number of besties you have standing beside you will keep those costs down. Just remember to have a drink and a dance with them later at the party!

10. Pre-wedding events 

The modern wedding has evolved into quite a beast, stretching over multiple days and involving pre- and post-wedding events. Engagement party, bridal shower, hens/bucks night, rehearsal dinner, morning-after brunch. You may be in a position where family members are helping to pick up some (or all) of the bill for these events, but many couples are paying for multiple events themselves. The cost of hosting several wedding-related events certainly adds up quickly, and this is often a cost we forget to budget for early on. Skip the events that aren’t important to you, or keep them low key, so that you can focus more of your budget on the wedding day itself.

What are some of the ways you’re saving money on your wedding?