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How to organise your wedding Pinterest boards


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Want to know the best way to fight styling overwhelm, narrow in on your core themes, and distill one visual style? Pinterest. The juggernaut of wedding planning and inspiration in the virtual space. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we get sucked in for hours at a time looking at different kinds of gilded cutlery, trying to pick the perfect shade of gold to create the tablescape of our dreams.

Here’s how to avoid the Pinterest-rabbit-hole-comparison-trap and use pinterest mindfully, as a strategic wedding planning tool.

01. Work out your why

Why do you want to use Pinterest to help you plan your wedding? The answer to this question may seem obvious, but stick with me. Your answer may be some combination of the following:

    • To get styling inspiration
    • To help you organise and distill your ideas
    • To learn how to DIY a project
    • Because it’s fun!

Now that you have the answer to this question, I want you to keep it very firmly in mind as you progress through your wedding planning journey. Pinterest is a wonderful, instructional, pretty resource for wedding planning, but it can quickly turn into a rabbit hole of impeccably styled tablescapes, designer dresses, and elaborate hanging floral installations. I’m willing to bet that your answer did not contain anything like “to compare my wedding and budget to other weddings and styled shoots and see where mine falls short”. So, when you inevitably begin to feel yourself falling into the Pinterest-rabbit-hole-comparison trap, come back to your reason for using it in the first place. It is a fun tool to help you plan your wedding, and the minute it stops being that, step away from the computer.

02. Create a separate board for each aspect of the wedding

Like in your home, it’s much easier to keep things organised when everything has a place. Using separate boards for different aspects of the wedding means that you won’t have to scroll through 386 photos to find that one bouquet you liked when you’re talking to your florist. Seeing all of your visual inspiration for each aspect of the wedding in one place also allows you to easily see at a glance if your ideas are forming a cohesive theme, or a mix of several different styles. For now, feel free to pin away, not worrying too much about if all your ideas match, or how to pull it all together. Just gather inspiration, and pin it to the appropriate board.

03. Narrow in on one styling concept

Refine, refine, refine.

The trick to narrowing in on a styling concept for your wedding is to remember that you cannot have everything. Unfortunately, choosing to have a “woodland boho” wedding means that you are also choosing not to have a “glamorous 1920s” wedding. This is where you need to be honest with yourself, and be okay with the fact that you might feel sadness about what you are choosing not to have. The reality is that there are probably several kinds of weddings that you would love, and in picking one you might feel regret about not picking another. If the themes you love have some crossovers, by all means incorporate those concepts, but remember the goal is to have one clear vision for your styling concept.

To actually work out what you like, scan your images and look for common themes – extensive use of candles, a relaxed atmosphere, moody photography, bright pops of colour, a particular kind of flower. Start editing your boards, and delete the things that look out of place. Once you have a clearer idea of what you like, give your styling concept a name. It might be a blend of how you want the wedding to look and feel. Focus on picking words that conjure an exciting vision for you and your partner. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Enchanted forest
  • Classic fairytale
  • Ethereal romance
  • Vineyard escape
  • Mountain chic
  • Vintage glam
  • Global fusion
  • Rustic chic
  • Eclectic boho
  • Tropical paradise
  • Beachy bliss
  • Minimalist chic

04. Limit the number of pins you have on each board

If you have 100 pins on one board, you probably don’t have a super clear vision for that aspect of the wedding. Think back to the purpose of your wedding Pinterest boards. You want to bring clarity to your ideas, and create a clear vision for your day. Clarity comes from carefully selecting a few images that really resonate with you and embody the style you want. Pick a number (say, 20) and only pin that many images. This will help you really pin only what you love, and stay focussed on your styling concept. Once you’ve found them, pat yourself on the back and feel free to never pin anything from that category again.

05. Delete a board as soon as you no longer need it

You know what you don’t need when you’re planning a wedding? Inspiration for things that you’ve already booked, planned, and locked in. Bought your wedding rings? Delete that board, you now have no use for it. Some boards you may want to keep for reference right up until your wedding day, such as flowers, ceremony styling, or hairstyles. Many can be deleted after you’ve made your decision though, such as dress & accessories, stationery, or groom’s outfit. The point is to remove the things you no longer need as soon as possible, so that you don’t end up with an overwhelming number of pinterest boards.

Happy pinning!

Tell me, how do you use Pinterest as a tool to plan your wedding? For wedding inspiration, check out Flick Creative on Pinterest.

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