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The Pros + Cons of a Summer Wedding


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Summertime weddings can be dreamy, romantic, and bucket loads of fun. Think beautiful ceremonies by a picturesque body of water, late sunset photos, and raging dance parties. Having your wedding during the summer months could be the perfect choice. On the other hand, summer comes with its own set of planning challenges. I’ve put together a quick guide of the pros and cons of having a summer wedding, as well as some handy suggestions to help get you through the challenges you might come across if you are having a summer wedding.

Summer Weddings: The Pros


Flowers and greenery are readily available in summer. If floral arrangements are important to you, it could be a great thing to have so many options to choose from. Garden ceremonies and outdoor settings for photos can also be stunning in summer, when everything is green and lush. Some of my favourite flowers in season during summer are roses, hydrangeas, freesias, water lilies, chrysanthemums, and protea.

Bonus points: You’ll have plenty to choose from in terms of colourful flowers, so go all out with a statement floral arrangement or bouquet.


Warm, sultry evenings were made for one too many glasses of champagne and dancing the night away. Guests will be in prime party mode for your summer wedding, and will arrive ready and willing to dance the night away with you. Without frosty snows and icy winds to dampen the mood, warm summer nights and late sunsets help to create a celebratory atmosphere.

Bonus points: you’ll also have great warm weather for a bridal shower, hens/bucks night, and honeymoon.


I have two words for you – Beach. Wedding. Need I say more?

Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, Greece, Mexico… the options are endless! Say your vows with sand between your toes and water lapping your feet, then party ‘til the sun comes up with cocktails served in coconuts. Top it all off with a decadent brunch with your guests the morning after, and a refreshing swim in the ocean or pool.

Bonus points: your honeymoon essentially begins the second you arrive at your destination. #winning.

Summer Weddings: The Cons


Depending on where you live, it might be really hot (duh). I live in Sydney, and in the height of summer it’s not uncommon for some areas to reach 40+ degrees. This is clearly not an ideal situation for an outdoor wedding, and can make the day generally uncomfortable. Venues may not let you use the wet-weather backup option just because it is hot, so if you’re concerned about this make sure you check with your venue on this. The possibility of an afternoon summer storm is also real, so make sure you have a solid indoor backup plan if this happens.

Solution: Choose a venue with great air conditioning.


Summer sweat is real, and some food and flowers will not hold up well in stinking hot temps. Drinks won’t stay chilled for as long, food meant to be served cold will be in danger of quickly turning room temperature, and your flowers and greenery may wilt in the sweltering heat. Ditto for makeup; no one wants their mascara transferring to their face and foundation melting during photos!

Solution: waterproof, long lasting makeup is a must. Also be mindful of food and floral choices, and speak to your caterer/florist about options that will hold up the best in the heat.


In Australia, Christmas is in our summer. So is the long school holiday break, New Year’s, and christmas parties galore. A lot of people go away over the summer, and it’s generally a very busy time of year. This can make it hard to make sure that everyone who is special to you can make it to your wedding.

Solution: Make sure you give your guests plenty of notice for your wedding. Send out some cute Save the Dates to ensure that all of your special people will be there for your big day.

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