11 Styling ideas that don’t involve flowers


There are so many totally swoon-worthy ideas for styling with florals, but what about those of us who want to see something different? Sometimes you don’t want your wedding to look like every other wedding you’ve been to. If you don’t love flowers in your everyday life, there’s no reason to include them in your wedding. And while flowers are undeniably beautiful, they can also come with a hefty price tag. I’ve put together 11 styling ideas that don’t involve flowers, so that you can start to think outside the box about what else you could use to bring your styling concept to life.

01. Candles

Nothing creates ambience and an air of romance quite like the soft glow of candles. For visual impact, group cables together in clumps to maximise the warm glow. Use candles and candle holders of different sizes and heights to create visual interest. Place along the aisle, use as centrepieces, or for romantic vignettes.


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02. Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a classic wedding styling favourite for a reason. They are affordable and provide maximum impact and atmosphere. String abundantly around indoor or outdoor spaces for a magical glow.

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03. Lanterns

Cute and versatile, lanterns are great to use as ceremony or reception decorations. They are also pieces that can be reused after the wedding, in your house or garden (win win!). Cluster together to create an area of visual interest, and pick a lantern in a colour to match your theme.

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The Wedding of my Dreams

04. Paper cranes

Paper cranes are high impact when strung up in large numbers, and can be made in any colour or type of paper to match your theme. Bonus points if you enlist your friends and family to help you make them in the lead up to the wedding, as it will add a personal touch to your decor.

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05. Furniture

Venue doesn’t feel quite right for your theme? Consider bringing in a few key pieces of furniture to pull the space together. Pick items that will have maximum impact, like a standout lounge, or go all out and hire those bentwood chairs you’ve been lusting over.

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06. Food

Keep the focus on the delicious feast you have planned, and let your inner foodie go wild. This one is sure to be a favourite with guests, because who doesn’t love amazing food?! A gorgeously put together display of food will be memorable, and could cut down on costs, as your food is also doubling as your decoration – win win!

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07. Location

If you do the hard yards upfront and pick a great venue with stunning view, a pretty backdrop, or an already-decorated space, then most of the styling work is already done for you. Natural landscapes make great backdrops for photos, like mountains, beaches, forests and snow.

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08. Chandeliers

Nothing says classic glamour and elegance quite like a chandelier. Have one standout chandelier serve as the core element of your styling concept, or use several smaller chandeliers to amp up the glamour.

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09. Branches

Perfect for the minimalist-lover, branches ooze understated elegance. Perfect for the rustic-romantic wedding, you can spray paint them different colours, or rely on their natural beauty. If you live somewhere rural, consider keeping your eyes peeled for interesting looking branches and twigs in the lead up to your wedding – you never know what might come in handy!

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10. Books

Add a subtle touch of romance by stacking classic love stories and poems on your tables, or go for a theme and display your favourite books from a particular genre (think: magic, fairytales, fantasy, science fiction, or mythology). Get creative and make a standout centrepiece by adding flowers, succulents, lace, lanterns, ribbons, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

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11. Fabric

You can do a lot with fabric. Pick something frothy and dreamy in soft colours to drape in key areas, or go bold with bright colours and standout patterns. Fabric can be a great way to cover up that wallpaper that really doesn’t go with your theme, or to let your personality shine in your decor.

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